Women’s Leather Jacket Styling Tips

Women’s Leather Jacket Styling Tips

It’s time to bring an end to the notion that leather jackets are a men’s fashion cult! Women have been rocking the leather look for quite a while now, and to be fair, a professionally crafted leather jacket is bound to look good regardless of the person’s gender.

But that doesn’t mean you simply throw on a jacket on top of whatever you are wearing. To ensure that you look your best at it, here are some pro tips to follow!

The all-black look

Women have a particular advantage when it comes to styling leather jackets; tight leggings! Get yourself a form-fitting jacket and wear it on top of any black tights and you’re ready to rock the night. You can wear a tee-shirt of any color on the inside, and the tights will ensure that all attention is directed to the jacket.

For footwear, you can go with literally anything. Sneakers, boots, sandals, all look good with the all-black look.

Go chic

Wearing a Custom leather jacket does not mean you are emulating a male fashion style. Rather, if you wear it in your own way it can boost your femininity. This is done best by wearing the jacket on top of a bright-colored dress. You can go with either black or brown jackets depending on the color of your dress.

Throw in a cool headband, some bangles, and stilettos; and you’re ready for the perfect ladieshang out session. This is the cool thing about leather jackets, they can easily take on your persona, as long as you’re ready to accept yourself!

The casual look

Do you like to dress simple? If yes, it doesn’t mean a heavy leather jacket is going to ruin your look. Rather, it can be the perfect comfort wear for heavy winters or light summers. One of the best styling tips is to wear a jacket on top of the casual tee-shirt and skirt look. This keeps things simple and comfortable. Furthermore, you get to feel the breeze as well as not feel cold.

Sneakers go perfectly with the skirt and leather jacket look. You can go ahead and throw in some punk style elements as well if that suits you.

The punk look

Outsider fashion is in and if you want to throw in some ripped jeans, a plaid shirt, and heavy boots with your jacket; you definitely should! This has always been the classic biker look and it had never looked better than on the right woman.

Chunky earrings, big bracelets, and chokers are only some of the accessories you can pair with this look. But the point of being punk is to wear whatever makes you feel good!

A woman’s centre of power is not her fashion, but her persona. Make sure your custom women’s leather jacket matches your persona and your fashion will automatically be top of the line! So, never be bothered about wearing a leather jacket ever again, just rock it the way you want to!


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