Terms & Conditions

This section contains all the details regarding terms and conditions at Custom Jacket Maker that customers must follow.

We at Custom Jacket Maker reserve the right to update and modify these terms at any time without prior notice.

Intellectual Property

All the images, website content, illustrations, designs and logos used at the website are entirely owned by Custom Jacket Maker. The website is also secured by copyright laws and using any content, data or images is strictly prohibited.

Visitors at Custom Jacket Maker are not allowed to modify, reproduce, display, upload or publish any content present here in any way.

Website Content

Custom Jacket Maker reserves all rights to modify, update or create any information available on the website without any prior notification.

Terms of Sale

When a customer places an order at Custom Jacket Maker, following steps are undertaken:

  1. Your personal information is retained for order processing.
  2. Financial information provided is checked by Custom Jacket Maker merchant provider.
  3. The ordered product is manufactured.
  4. The ordered product is shipped and delivered.

Custom Jacket Maker possesses the right to refusing any order processing due to website maintenance, material non-availability, payment problems or in rare cases suspicious dealings.

Return and Exchange

If any items or products need to be exchanged, you will be required to send back the first delivered order. It will be exchanged and price will be adjusted accordingly by making refunds in case of return or adding or reducing the price in case of exchange.

In case of return or exchange, you will be liable for all the extra shipping charges. If the customer needs to return a product due to company defect, it will be required that he or she sends the product’s picture to the company after which the company will conduct investigation into the matter. If customers’ claims are proved correct, the company shall fully refund the product amount and would bear all the shipping charges.

In case of the product’s stock photos are used instead of actual pictures, the customer shall be liable to receive an alternate product of same cost in the event of return, instead of a refund.

In case there has been a mistake on the part of the customer, the product’s amount will be refunded but the shipping charges will not be responsibility of the company.

Please be advised that custom made products (items made on customer’s exclusive measurements or modified according to customer’s will) shall not be refundable or returnable under any circumstances.


Shipping Policy                                                                                                                                                      

Usually an order takes about 8 to 10 business days to reach your doorstep. However, delays are expected to occur due to some unfavorable circumstances in your area.

Security of Personal Information

All the information that customers provide to us are used only for the mentioned purposes. The information is also retained until the required period of time as allowed by the law. Your payment information like account or credit card information is only retained till the time your order is under process. No information provided is shared with any third party or for any illegal use.

Guaranteed Pricing

Custom Jacket Maker works hard to present you with the most elegant leather jackets at an affordable and reasonable price.

Payment Methods

Custom Jacket Maker provides its customers with various payment methods like PayPal , MasterCard, and Visa etc.

Delivery Time

All orders sent through Custom Jacket Maker will have varying transit time, depending on the country you are living in. The average delivery time is between 8 to 10 business days after the order has been placed.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]