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The myth of the trench coat is that it was worn by soldiers in the muddy dugouts, or what we call trenches,during the First World War, giving the garment its name and rugged appeal. In reality, it evolved from waterproof coats created by Scottish chemist and inventor Charles Macintosh and British inventor Thomas Hancock (founder of the British rubber industry) in the early 1820s. And those that did dress themselves up in trench coats, were primarily of officer rank and above, who purchased the coats themselves as part of their uniform – a symbol of social distinction and class, even in the army.
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By definition, trench coats are waterproof heavy-duty rain coats with removable insulated lining, raglan sleeves, and the classic versions come in various lengths ranging from just above the ankles to above the knee.

Made From 100% Pure Leather

Custom Trench Coat is made from hundred percent pure leather and comes equipped with an insulating lining. Genuine leather is durable, and ensures longevity of the coat, is extremely soft, and comfortable to wear. To top it off, the insulation lining adds another layer of warmth, coziness, and comfort to the jacket, so that you do not feel the cold weather.

Custom Trench Coats Appearance and Styles

Custom Trench Coats have full front button closure, which makes it look not only professional and smart but also elite. It usually comes with a belt around the waistline, to synch in the coat to fit your body perfectly. There are numerous ways to wear the Custom Trench Coat. For more casual looks; pair the coat with a pair of basic neutral colored t-shirt, blue or black jeans, and footwear of your choice. Accessorize it with gold earrings, sun glasses, a cross body purse, and anything you want. For males, they can pair the trench coat exactly like women, a basic t shirt, jeans, and shoes. For a more smarter look, you could wear it with a beautiful short, or knee length dress, some heals, dainty jewelry and a purse. Men can go for a very classic three-piece suit, or a formal shirt go really well with the trench coat. The thing about trench coats is, that they are smart and professional, but they can easily be worn casually with the right outfit.

We Have Offers Perfect Deals

Custom Jacket Maker is offering you the greatest deal, now you do not have to worry about trying to search for your dream coat, you could get your Custom Trench Coat with just a few clicks. The trench coat will be tailor made for you, according to your specifications, your choice of color, your measurements, just like you want it. Now you can have a jacket that is a perfect fit for you, one that fits not just the body, but also your style, your personality, and your clothes! Your Custom Trench Coat will be made especially for you, so that you do not have to worry about the length, the color, the fitness, and the way it looks on you. Custom Jacket Maker has got your back!