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Biker Jackets are one of the most stylish and edgy winter jackets in the fashion market today. They are classy and risqué, yet fun and adventurous. Ideally a Custom Motorcycle Jacket is worn by bikers, because it is a protective gear for the riders which provides protection against road rash and offers wind resistance.
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100% Real Leather

These jackets are made from real leather, which ensures durability and longevity of the jacket. Leather is also comfortable, soft, and only looks better with every wear. Apart from that real leather is itself windproof and can be lined for additional warmth. Most importantly, leather is considerably better at resisting abrasion than wool, cotton, and even the denim fabric. So, if a biker does crash, the jacket protects their skin. The Custom Motorcycle Jacket can be customized any way you like. With the help of Custom Jacket Maker, you can now select any color you want. Typically, biker jackets are black in color, not only because the color represents danger, adventure, and class, but also because dark colors hide the soot, slag and grease deposited on the jacket from the regular bike rides. You can also select the collar you want for your Custom Motorcycle Jacket; it can be a standing collar that can be zipped up to the neck, so that it can stay warm and protected, or you can choose a shirt style collar that gives a fresh youthful look, or a wide lapel collar that make you look strong, powerful, and driven for success.

Styling and Appearance

The jacket comes equipped with an inner viscose lining for an additional layer of protection and warmth. This winter coat also has a full front zipper closure, and full sleeves that have zippers on the ends. The zippers for these jackets are manufactured by YKK; a Japanese zipper manufacturer that is globally known for its premium quality. Apart from that the Custom Motorcycle Jacket also has multiple pockets; at least one on the chest, and two sliding pockets on the waistline that can also act as hand-warmers for when your hands get cold. The ideal length for a biker jacket is to have the bottom of it resting on your thighs while sitting on your bike. Your Motorcycle jacket should sit right at your belt line when you stand. The jacket is shorter in length in order to prevent any fabric flailing about as you pick up speed and the wind-lift increases.

Custom Motorcycle Jacket For Casual Look

The Custom Motorcycle Jacket can be styled any way you like. For a casual look, pair it with basic t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. For a smarter look, you could wear a turtle-neck shirt or a light sweater with black jeans, and black boots. Ladies could dress the biker jacket with a beautiful dress and high heels or heeled boots. An all-black outfit, however, would be the ideal match for the Jacket, because it was made for edgy, adventurous, and risqué personalities. Biker Jackets have become more than just their functionality for motorcyclists. They have become a style statement, a wardrobe staple, and an icon for class, sass, and fashion in itself.