The Best Kind Of Leather Jackets For All Occasions

A wardrobe filled to capacity, yet nothing to wear! What do I wear for that baby shower? Is this dress the right match for a picnic? This is the dilemma every woman faces at least once in a while, what to wear and which is an appropriate outfit?

Let us make life as a woman a little easier with our tips on what to wear for that wedding, party, bridal shower, or baptism.


Weddings are the perfect excuse to dress up and have fun at no cost unless it is your own.

Unless it is a themed wedding, formal customized shearling leather jackets are the best bet for a black-tie affair. Sequined gowns, gowns with long trains, and gowns with slits all work for a formal wedding party, cocktail party, or engagement party.

An outdoor day wedding calls for summery, flowy dresses in shades of pastel.

Religious Gatherings

Baptism or naming ceremonies, coming of age ceremonies like bar Mitzvahs mostly happen in religious places of worship or in highly pious gatherings. You might want to avoid long jackets or a jacket with a revealing neck-line in honour of the occasion. A pretty leather jacket would be fitting.

Bridal Showers &Baby Showers

Bridal showers and baby showers mostly follow themes as well. Go for a sweet looking dress with a cute neckline and knee-length hem in some lightweight material combined with a thin leather jacket. Try not to overshadow the mother-to-be or bride-to-be.


No rules to bog you down here, yet there are some styles which are appropriate for a party. If it is going to be a night out with the girls, go all out in a super good leather jacket.

Choose a casual polka-dotted dress for a day party, and nothing too heavy on the glitter and sequins. Strappy black jackets and off-shoulder coats also work fine for a day party or a beach party. A change of clothes and footwear is recommended for a party at the beach.

A bandage style leather jacket is the best choice for a formal party with your colleagues from the office.


A little black customized jacket is a must-have in your wardrobe when in doubt, just pair this with the right accessories to play it up, or down, and you are good to go.

Customized Leather jackets of women are available in many styles and materials, and there are dresses for women of all sizes and shapes. With all these choices, there is nothing to stop you from looking drop dead gorgeous!


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